It’s amazing what kind of profane things come up during a project like this. Still, if you get them wrong you can create havoc further down the road.

Today it was time to discuss if members should be able to change their alias or not. It came up since a test user had misspelled his alias and wanted to correct it. At first glance, you say “of course you should be able to correct typos.”

But then you think of the consequences. Let’s say that a someone has been a member for a month or several and then suddenly decides to switch screen name.

Then what? (more…)


A hot topic in our project right now is what is the best method kick off member recruitment?

Just opening up for anybody to sign up or to do the “invite a limited number of friends”-thing?

Of course, opening up for anybody makes it easy for Tom, Dick and Harry to join the community. But does it create the buzz? (more…)