google adsense

Just read an interesting post on “How to Monetize Social Networks” talking about how Facebook and MySpace are striving to go beyond Google ads. It mentions the reluctance of members to accept too obvious publicity.

I think that to a considerable extent, that reluctance or willingness is linked to the benefits delivered to the members of the network. Which, on the other hand, would be linked to the networks long term survival-chances anyway.


I have just spent half a Sunday migrating umpteen items from our to-do and wish list in Google Spreadsheets to Toby’s Trac system.

I guess it will turn out useful, making it easier to manage the workflow and to trac back on past actions. But it was pretty mind numbing just sitting there rewriting all the entries and dropping down all those menus. And of course, Toby had created categories with a techy slant. There was no category for commercial, for example.

But, in all honesty, (more…)