It’s amazing what kind of profane things come up during a project like this. Still, if you get them wrong you can create havoc further down the road.

Today it was time to discuss if members should be able to change their alias or not. It came up since a test user had misspelled his alias and wanted to correct it. At first glance, you say “of course you should be able to correct typos.”

But then you think of the consequences. Let’s say that a someone has been a member for a month or several and then suddenly decides to switch screen name.

Then what? All comments and other entries made would end up changing as well and other users would get puzzled by entries “changing authors”.

Can’t have that, can we?

One of two ways left to avoid typos like that would be introducing a spell check. But for what language? And aliases are pretty often made-up combinations that you don’t find in standard language anyway.

The other would be to offer some kind of preview with a possibility to edit misspelled entries before they are saved to the database. If you still mess up, you have to start again. You could at least use the incorrect member to send yourself an invitation to create a new one šŸ˜‰

I think we will go for number two and hope our future members can tyope.